Importação Indireta

Indirect Imports and Exports

In indirect foreign trade operations, COMEXPORT carries out imports and/or exports for customers, with solid financial capacity to finance the operations, enabling the optimization of the flow of assets in the balance sheet and reducing working capital used in import operations. For the contracting party, this means all the security and reliability of the most traditional and leading company in foreign trade, which has a team of renowned and experienced professionals, always motivated to seek customer's success.

Own Operations

In its own operations, COMEXPORT finances and executes the entire process of purchasing the product abroad, from management of imports, nationalization, customs and international and national logistics until delivery to the customer in its own name.

Operações Próprias & Soluções Estruturadas
BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

5PL Management (Outsourcing in Foreign Trade Operations)

When carrying out operations on behalf of the customer, COMEXPORT has a complete solution for the full and digital management of import and export processes. The company also guarantees performance, security and exclusive technologies that allow real-time visibility of all activities and costs.

Synonym of intelligence in foreign trade

COMEXPORT offers services that make it possible to manage, in a more efficient and safe way, the complex logistics chain and processes that involve import and export activities in Brazil, in addition to having all the technical and intellectual capacity already recognized in the national and international markets. The company's main outstanding features are:

  • ícone Integração Logística
    01. Logistics Integration

    Integration of all logistics providers; preparation, implementation and management of the Supply Chain Project (Foreign Trade); standardization of operating procedures; and customization and agility.

  • ícone Tecnologia de Rastreamento Multidimensional
    02. Multidimensional Tracking Technology

    An exclusive Multidimensional Tracking System for the operation model, which is fully integrated to the company's backend, enabling a "seamless" integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

  • ícone Simplificação Operacional
    03. Operational Simplification

    Work with a focus on reducing and optimizing operating procedures, simplifying the accounting process and optimizing headcount.

  • ícone Otimização Fiscal
    04. Tax optimization

    Access to tax benefits in a validation environment; monetization of ICMS credits, in addition to complete tax planning (ICMS, ICMS-ST, IPI, PIS/Cofins).

  • ícone Otimizações Financeiras
    05. Financial Optimizations

    Management and execution of payments; management of foreign exchange; Inventory optimization and cash flow flexibility solutions.

  • ícone Integridade e Compliance
    06. Integrity and Compliance

    COMEXPORT ensures that all processes involving its solutions take place safely, complying with all regulations and legislation in force in all countries in which it operates. It carries out a comprehensive risk management and offers a modern Compliance, Legal, Fiscal and Regulatory Integrity policy in conjunction with internal and external audit mechanisms.