Indirect Imports

  • Alimentos e Bebidas Food and Beverages

    COMEXPORT has a broad knowledge of legislation, labeling, consenting bodies involved, product registration, logistical transport needs, temperature control and customs requirements. Its work is based on the best practices, deadlines and quality in the market, through real-time management of all stages of the process.

  • Automotivo Automotive

    A leader in the development of solutions for the entire supply chain of the automotive sector, COMEXPORT has advanced logistics structures in the states of Pernambuco, Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina, as well as abroad. The company carries out import, export, rework and vehicle logistics operations for major automakers, developing safe solutions, with logistics planning and management of yards and parts warehouses, post-industrialization, development plan (“PDI”) and repairs, outsourcing of processes and workforce (BPO and HRO), vehicles handling, risk management and efficient fiscal and tax planning.

  • Aviação Aviation

    COMEXPORT is the Brazilian leader in financial volume and number of imported aircraft. With ten years of safe operations in the segment, the company prepares and performs customized projects on aircraft purchase, import, nationalization and delivery.

  • Aviação Fuels

    In view of the complexity and specific logistics, COMEXPORT is authorized by ANP [Brazilian petroleum agency] to import fuel in its main branches, covering practically the entire Brazilian coast. With advanced logistics and the possibility of tanking throughout the national territory, it serves the main operators in this segment.

  • Cosméticos Cosmetics

    COMEXPORT holds all Anvisa authorizations to carry out different operations in the cosmetics sector. For over 13 years, it has been importing significant volumes of the entire hygiene and beauty lines of its main customers. To perform these operations, it uses both the road modal, for shipments within the Mercosur, and sea with shipments coming mainly from Europe and the United States.

  • Farmacêutico Pharmaceutical and Hospital

    In the health sector, COMEXPORT operates in the pharmaceutical segments of related products, inputs and hospital equipment. The company has specialized teams to ensure the best control and flow of activities relating to current regulatory bodies, such as Anvisa and the Ministry of Agriculture. The company also has operations control and traceability systems, including for items subject to the cold logistics chain.

  • Indústria Industry

    COMEXPORT stands out in the import of inputs, machines and equipment for different areas of the industry, demonstrating its high specialization in obtaining and optimizing the ex-tariff regime, which is also known as a temporary reduction in the tax rate on capital goods imports.

  • Metais Metals

    Aware of the needs and deadlines required for the operation, COMEXPORT optimizes costs in the best way possible, adding value to the entire industry. The company also guarantees full monitoring of LME (London Metal Exchange) quotations, thus seeking the best trading conditions with large suppliers.

  • Informática Telecom & IT

    In the Telecommunications and IT sectors, COMEXPORT has been helping the country's major companies to import the most varied types of products in a more economical, efficient and safe way, working to improve the infrastructure of the entire chain and the quality of services also offered to final consumers.

  • Varejo e Atacado Retail and Wholesale

    Having its roots in the retail sector, COMEXPORT knows very well the real needs of the main Brazilian companies dedicated to the commercialization of imported products in the country. With the confidence and credibility built over more than four decades, the company provides structured solutions according to the profile of each client in the wholesale and retail segments.

  • energia Energy

    COMEXPORT has a team specializing in the import and logistics of equipment for generation of renewable energy, such as solar and wind. The company offers advanced solutions for compliance with the special regimes of this segment and integrated management from all logistics providers.

  • maquinas Machinery, Equipment and Capital Goods

    From transport equipment to factories; from locomotives and forklifts to systems for loading and distribution warehouses, or equipment for amusement parks, COMEXPORT offers the most sophisticated and safe solutions. Services include import leasing, advisory on ex-tariffs and other special regimes, rent and special transport, by developing complete and customized solutions for each project.

Own Operations

  • Têxtil Textile

    COMEXPORT has been operating in the textile area since its foundation and meets a variety of demands, such as product development, search for the best prices, specifications, technical assistance and prompt delivery of products throughout the country. In this scenario, the main imported items are natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, threads and textile filaments.

  • Fertilizantes Fertilizers

    COMEXPORT has a wide range of raw materials, with emphasis on phosphates, ammonium sulfate, urea and sulfur, and, in this segment, it has suppliers and partners in several countries such as Poland, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia. Exceeding the mark of 1 million tons traded per year, the company is recognized as one of the most traditional and reliable trading companies in the segment.

  • Químicos Chemicals

    In this segment, COMEXPORT operates through Kalium Chemical, a company of the group specializing in the import, development and distribution of chemical products. Its strong points are polyurethanes, expandable polystyrene (EPS), resins, rubbers, antibiotics and chemical intermediates, serving the civil construction, furniture, automobile, footwear, pharmaceutical, paint and sugar industries, electronics and metallurgy, among other segments that consume chemical products.

  • Petroquímico Petrochemical

    The import and distribution of petrochemical products is the responsibility of Kalium Chemical, a company of the group, and the main products are high density polyethylene resins, low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, polypropylene (homo and copo), PVC and ABS resin, in addition to elastomers and chemical products for transformation.

  • Infraestrutura Infrastructure

    CXT, a company of the COMEXPORT group, operates in the infrastructure and mining sectors, specializing in the import of machines and equipment with sophisticated solutions. It operates as an importer and distributor of spare parts for the mining, civil construction and other sectors.

  • Ferroviário Rail

    COMEXPORT is the exclusive agent for large companies (Plasser & Theurer, Robel, Moravia Steel, TZ and Pangang) in the railway sector. The company supplies rails, fastenings, steel sleepers, wheels and axles, parts for train engines and train cars, tools and machines.

  • Ferroviário Steelmaking

    COMEXPORT operates the financing and import of the most different products relating to the steelmaking industry. It is positioned as a one-stop shop for the segment, offering a complete package of solutions to its customers and partners.

  • energia Energy

    COMEXPORT operates in the energy market and delivers a complete package of solutions. The services range from finding new suppliers in alternative markets, to carrying out the complete logistics of product imports, including important items for energy transmission and generation, such as solar boards and modules, and wind turbines.

  • Infraestrutura Mining

    In the mining sector, CXT, a company of the COMEXPORT group, works with the main companies of the sector in Brazil, transporting parts for excavators, forklifts, and off-road vehicles. Services also include transporting equipment parts, such as rollers, conveyor belts, coal, coke and graphite electrodes.